Bits you've made for your car

Hi All,

I’m looking for inspiration, I’ve had my X-carve for about 5 months and so far I’ve not made a single thing for myself! everything I’ve made I’ve given away as a gift or as a project I’ve been asked to make.

Well summer (what counts for summer in the UK) is just around the corner which will mean i get my 1987 Mini out on the road. Its a real mini not one of the new huge things. I’d like to add some custom made bits using my X-carve however at the moment my brain is out of ideas. Can anyone offer any inspiration?


Hey @Alex1380,

I bought a Jeep Wrangler JK much the same reasons. Some of the things people make for their Jeeps, which may not be as applicable for your Mini (I love those!) is what they call a “tramp stamp”, which is a decorative plate if you remove the spare tire. How about a custom license plate holder? I’ll be adding pressurized water and some people cut out custom plates for the hose attachment and the same for pressurized air. They both come out of the fender at the same location. I’m thinking about making my own rack system, so the brackets have to bolt into the factory bolt patterns. I’m also thinking about making my own aluminum or steel bumper, which also has to bolt up. The precise pieces will then need to be welded to produce the final 3D shape.

A new area being explored is using an X-Carve to cut out vinyl decals or stencils. You could make your own car number (ala Herbie the Love Bug), racing stripes, etc. With vinyl, once you’re scratched that itch, you can peel it off in seconds and be back to original.

BTW, you definitely need to make something for yourself. I totally empathize. Also, please don’t make some clamps or a dust shoe and consider that for you. Make a gatling gun out of timber and mount it to your hood or something cool and completely useless.

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You can even make your own custom t-shirt with the stencil concept, using the Mini logo. You can carve a mold and make a keychain fob.

This is cool: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. plaque for car

I would make some “false” signs under some “false” switches


I have made a couple for my boat


I was thinking about fashioning a coconut bra to hang in the WC but my wife wont let me