Black Friday Shipments

Has anyone ordering on black Frida received notice that their X-carve shipped? I ordered mine a week after (just over six weeks now, so still within the 6-8 week window). No complaints with the wait on my end since Inventables was very up front with the wait time. Just trying to get a feel for what dates they are currently shipping.

I don’t think it unreasonable to request an order status from Inventables.

I got ahold of them today. Sounds like they are not going to hit the 6-8 week shipping time they initial stated and it will be more like 10-11 weeks (they said they are hoping to have everything sent out by 2/15. The X-controllers are currently on back order).

I ordered Dec 6th and just received shipping notifications for everything but the controller. Looks like the controllers are a wait of about 10 weeks.

Darn I ordered mine Dec 23rd so gonna be awhile ? I’m at about 4 weeks in :frowning:

I ordered mine immediately after the Black Friday sale went live, I think on the 15th of November. I got the rails within 2.5 weeks. the X controller took about 4.5 weeks. I may have been at the head of the pack.

Yeah it sounds like they had not forecasted for the demand they saw on Black Friday. Based on what they told me anyone who ordered around the same time as me (12/4) should plan for 10-11 weeks for the controller rather than 6-8. Its nice that everything else is shipping out on time but overall it’s a little disappointing.

Sure would be nice if they would update the order site and add the correct wait time, I’m not as long as a wait as some of you but I’ve already started making plans for it to be here at the 8 week mark