Black Friday special

First let me say thanks to Inventables for giving me the extra push to jump off the fence and send in an order. I took advantage of the Black Friday Special and sent in my order. I took the leap and bought the 1000x1000 with the Acme thread screw, Nema stepper motors and the Dewalt router attachment. Now I hope it arrives before Xmas so I have something to do with my 13 days off. I’m ready to make do some assembly and make some chips.

Anyone else take the leap and buy one this past weekend?

Yep took the leap also, cant wait. I hope the -controller goes up for sale soon.

I too am waiting for the X-Controller to be available.
It will be a nice additional to any machine.

I jumped on the deal as well with a 1000x1000 - got notified yesterday it’s already shipped and enroute. Now if that xcontroller would go ahead and drop for purchase.

Sweet, got my email today that stuff has shipped, now just waiting on the X-controller. suppose I have time, I need to build it first.