Blender CAM & Gcode Sender

hi, i started to use Blender CAM, which seems to be a special blender dristribution to generate Gcode, the documentation is poor, but it is well developed, and still in process i think. you can find it here

i just made one simple test, but it wasn’t very good

it was suposed to be a tetahedron.

the machine followed the path and tried to carve the figure, but it was very rough. also it was the first time i used universal gcode sender, and was’n really sure how to start the process, i aborted it 3 or 4 times for different reasons.

blender CAM has lot of parameters to tweak, and i am a complet noob on cnc carving. i attach some pics of the mentioned parameters

i understand some of the parameters, but im not shure how to set them, for the rest i have no idea what they mean, i also think it is important to know the characteristics of the xcarve to set the CAM feedrate and the CAM machine part (feedrate max and min, spindle speed max and min, among other things), but i ignore them, i think those are some of the reasons to get such bad carve. i will be investigating and testing.

so, this is all by now. hope someboy gets interested in the subject, help is needed.

Were you just curious about blenderCAM or are you trying to make a specific type of shape?

at this point i am just curious, about blenderCAM and the capabilities of the xcarve, i have expierence in 3d software but cnc is all new for me, i am in the stage of the know how, from the generation of Gcode, to the correct setup and tuning of the machine, and the whole process of carving. i chose blenderCAM 'cause i’ve worked a lot with blender, it was a surprise for me that this distribution even existed, and for all the parameters that have to be set by hand i think that it could be a good way to learn a little bit in depth.

the shape as i mentioned is a tetahedron

and the material was a chunk of wood that i had around, which i think is pine.

Oh in that case stay tuned to the Easel feature announcement category of the forum. We have some interesting 3D stuff coming in a couple different phases.


You tease