Blinking blue light

Finally finished updating everything to 1000mm, double checked all my measurements, connections etc…

Moved all the axis manually to make sure there were no issues, then hooked up the power to the gshield and plugged in the USB cord.

Arduino is seen by the PC, but the blue light on the gShield is just blinking and you can hear the power supply ticking every time the light comes on and goes off.

The power supply lead was never unscrewed from the gShield, so I know its connected correctly. I also double and triple checked all the stepper motor wires and everything is as it should be.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is it the Power Supply or gShield that is messed up?

The 24 volt power supply is hooked directly to the blue LED and then through a resistor to ground. Things that use the 24 volt supply, The blue LED, the stepper motors, the fan, and if you have the stock spindle then also the spindle.

I would start unhooking things one at a time to see if you can isolate what is causing the problem.

I just unhooked everything and unplugged it from the Arduino, leaving just the gShield, with the same results.

I also tried a 12v (12.9v) power supply, after checking polarity, and it does the exact same thing.

When I was checking the 24v PS it did jump up to 28.3v every now and then, however i don’t think that could have messed anything up, as its rated for higher than that.

If you have the 24 volt spindle, try hooking that up to the 24 volt power supply by itself and measure the voltage as the spindle runs. Do this with the gShield disconnected.

Best guess is that you have a problem with one or more of the stepper motor driver chips.

Are you sure the gshield and arduino are properly seated? Might be worth taking them out of the case, making sure they’re connected, giving it a try with the electronics outside of the case.