Block letter for nursery

My pregnant wife is going crazy waiting for our baby girl to arrive any day so she put me to work making a decoration for the nursery.

She wanted a large letter so I used some 1x12" pine board I had lying around and cut out two profiles (one base and then a 1/2" outline) to increase the overall thickness. To aid in gluing I added a small pocket around the periphery to the topside of the base letter. The outline needed some creative clamping due to how thin it is but cut surprisingly well. I was worried about residual stress but it kept its shape and lined up great straight off the machine.

She painted it (against my better wishes) and used Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the wood. Last step is to glue to two pieces together. I’ll add a picture when it’s done and in the nursery.


Finally got one of the letter in the nursery.

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