Blog for ongoing project : wooden clock

I started working on a wooden clock, (plans bought from from Clayton Boyer). The blog is here :
The blog is in Dutch, but it has some pictures :wink:

All the pieces are being made with my x-carve, and it is going well until now. I am using Birch plywood. The only issue I had until now, is that the cut is not 100% clean on the bottom (tearout), since I am using a downcut bit.
Compression bit is not an option, since I am using a 1/16th inch bit a lot (they do not seem to exist for such small size).

Overall a very fun project, I hope it will work in the end :smile:


Nice, just wish I could read Dutch. But I did enjoy looking at the pictures.

That is awesome! Looking forward to pics of your own build!

Nederlander of belg? :wink:

Mooi werk!

Belg :slight_smile:


I added a translation widget, I thought it would be awful, but it is not too bad actually…

Thank you,

The pictures in the blog are mine, they show what I did until now.

Thank you,

Oh wow, great job!

I’ve successfully used a 2mm straight 2flute bit to cut lots of gears. Relatively cheap too…

I also tried straight flute bit, but then I had tearout on both ends (with plywood)…

I had to try adjusting the feed, but I’m sure you’ll work something out.