Blower help

I will be starting assembly of my 1000X1000 Xcarve soon well once I build a work bench and am looking for information from those who have attached blowers to their machines. Wondering what you are using for the air supply and any suggestions, thanks. I should add I am trying to find a blower that has a standard 110V plug so I can plug it into my relay so it turns on when the dewalt 611 does.

Yeah I plan on doing some aluminum work and some other soft metals along with the usual acrylic and wood.

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I’ve done searches but I’ll keep looking maybe I’m not putting in write criteria.

so far no luck on finding info for an inexpensive route if anyone has info let me know thanks. Thinking about using a small squirrel blower but not sure how much cfm I would need.

Well I’m bringing up one of my old posts. For time being I’m using a 7 gallon air tank with regulator that my compressor fills up about ever 15 minutes and works fairly well. Was looking at squirrel cage fans but 2 issues with that is its in my enclosed work bench and I’d have to put a filter in front of the fan and 2 I don’t have any way for reducing g the flange to a workable size. If anyone has any better suggestions let me know. Thanks

I am using a small compressor intended for light airbrush work (pencil airbrush) that run continously. Just zip tied a 1/16" brass tube to the Z-axis and bent the tube so it point at the end mill. Works like a charm and the pressure is low enough so the carved material dont blast all over. (Mill aluminium mainly, wood dust might get more air time :wink: )

This is one very similar in size and shape, so you can have an idea of what I talk about.
(no affiliation with ebay seller, nor is this the same as mine - only similar)