Blowing up Easel. Help

EAGLE & WOLF Finish 1_16 ball.gcode (7.6 MB)

Hi again all Noob at it again…

Ok so I wanted to try cutting this is MDF using a 1/8" endmill rough cut the using a 1/16" ball nose finish. When I try to bring the Gcode into Easle it validates the rough cut the starts saving and resets to a blank project. Not sure what I did different the MDF is 17"x17"x 3/4 thick. I restarted computer before bringing up Easle to clear the memory.

It won’t even let me upload the rough gcode for this file to this post.

I created it in Vcarve pro. I changed the 1/8" end mill to a 1/4" and it seems to run better in Vcarve.

Was just going to try it in Easel with the 1/4" end bit.

I was saving them as a separate Gcode. Rough and Finish shouldn’t be a tool change that Easel sees.

For some reason it doesn’t like the 1/8" end mill Gcode it wouldn’t even let me upload it to the forum.EAGLE & WOLF rough 1_4 endmill.gcode (6.4 MB)

Not sure what your asking I make it in Vcarve save the Gcodes the bring the Gcode up in Easel. Run it on Xcarve with the X-controller.

Sorry Xcarve inch Gcode

I had to of done something wrong when I have the 1/8" end bit in. I went in and changed the 1/8" to a 1/4" end bit and it is running fine. The size of the 1/8" gcode file is 147 MB the 1/4" is 5.49 MB.

You can get a post processor for V-Carve from inventables website here

This is the one I use and it works perfectly have never had an issue.

Since I have started using V-Carve I only use easel’s GCODE feature.

The one annoying thing about Easel is having to reprobe the tool even if i’m doing re-cuts.

How to you bypass this step in easel?

I would only do this if rerunning a tool that just finished a cut.

I do that for X and Y but the Z probe is a different page that only shows probe or manual.

Do I click Manual? I have never tried that one.

Yes on the manual choice you can select “use last home” which really means last work zero.

What is your pass depth? That is a drastically different size between the two.

And most likely Easel is barfing at the 147MB file. Just too big for Easel.