Blue light on test

I am Just finishing my build and when my X-Carve is unplugged and I move the spindle forward or back or left and right I see a blue light on the board. Should that be Green? I did a setup and the test of X,Y,Z failed - I did install the arduino drivers. I am using a 25 foot USB cable but not sure if this would matter.

The light is being powered by the movement of the motors… If you do it too fast you could fry the electronics. It is not advised to manually move the axises as the motors produce voltage when moved and not powered

I only slowly did that once or twice. Still the tests online failed to move X,Y or Z. I just realized I am using my PC running Windows 10 beta on it. I will try another PC to rule out driver issues.

When the gshield is sending power to the stepper motor there should be a green LED that lights up.
(these leds can also flicker when you physically move the x-carve around as a stepper motor works as a generator.)
The blue LED is the power indicator for the gshield.

So you should be seeing some green lights as you are running the easel machine setup.
You should run the checklist of potential problems.

Got to Control Panel: Device manager, Ports and confirm that your PC is seeing the x-carve. Note the Port number Make sure you installed the Easel local copy.
Make sure you give easel the proper port number for your x-carve.
When you were setting up your electronics do not run the “Blink” program. It will re-install the standard grbl. If that happened you will need to re-load the x-carve version of grbl.
Double check that the gshield is properly seated in the main board.