Blue Loctite question

I’ve got a XCarve 1000mm purchased in Dec '17. As best as I can tell almost the entire machine now has either pressed on pulleys or nylon threaded nuts (short of the limit switch nuts). I read on the forum that you DO NOT want to put blue loctite on any of the nylon nuts.

My question is, what is left to blue loctite? I’ve looked over my machine and really can’t anything that would need to be glued.

What am I missing?



All the bolts holding the y plates on the rials. All your t nut inserts for putting the frame together and clips on the belts and limit switch pins . I’m sure there is more but can’t think lol

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Had a t-nut holding the y plate to the base fall out on the floor yesterday… I eventually found the missing screw in the mess on the floor. And the screw next to it was loose. After having to re-square the machine, they now all have blue loctite on them. I’m just thankful they both had not fallen all the way out during a carve.

So yes, definitely put it on all the t-nuts!


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Don’t forget about the ACME screw pulley set screws.

Other than those previously mentioned, that’s it.

Using nylock nuts practically everywhere reduces the need for blue loctite. The old machine only used the nylock on a handful of places.

When I’ve done my upgrades, I switched to fastners that have nylon patches (and socket heads instead of the button head) so I didn’t need to use blue loctite.

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I put loctite on EVERY single screw/bolt on the machine nylock or not. There are a lot of vibrations put through the machine when its running and I didn’t want anything coming apart. I’ve been running it for about a year now and not had to readjust a single thing,

I guess this is just a habit I’ve picked up from being both a Harley owner and an offroad racer. Everything gets loctite all the time.



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