Bobcad or Bobart software?

Does anyone know what post processor to use with Bobcad or Bobart software for the X-Carve?

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if you can find any post processor for it that supports grbl then you can use them.

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Thank you.

I still haven’t gotten the Bobcad software to run the X-Carve. I have talked to Tech Support at Bobcad and they need the Post Processor for the X-Carve so they can write one to work between the software and X-Carve. And someone tell me where to find it?

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I looked at the Bobcad support page. There is a link for Post Processors. On the list of “Controller Make”, there’s choice for “G-Code”. Does that not work?

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Bill I have tried several of the ones on the list with no luck. Not sure I have tried the one you are talking about.

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You just need to tell them it needs a GRBL compatable post processor. If they can’t do that then a generic GCODE post might be the closest you will find.

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When I talked to Bobcad I did tell them about the GRBL and they told me that did not help them. They either needed the X-carve post processor or a file that was written and saved in Easel. I and new to the CNC world and am at a lost.

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Attached is a sample gcode file for the X-Carve. A square profile with a circle pocket inside the square. This should give them what they need to know.

X-Carve Gcode.gcode (3.4 KB)

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Thank you very much and thanks to everyone for all you help. I will let you know how it comes out.

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I looked at the Bobcad software very seriously when I was trying to decide what I wanted to use for my CAD/CAM software. Their software sales people are very persistent. When I expressed some interest they began calling me twice a week, each time with a new price.

In my opinion (for whatever that’s worth) the Bobcad software seemed capable, but had a very very steep learning curve (not user friendly at all). It seemed to be highly focused on the design of complex mechanical parts that will be milled from metals.

In a lot of ways it is similar to the solid modeling design found in Fusion 360. And now that Fusion 360 is free for hobbyist I did not see the advantage of Bobcam (unless you are designing and milling commercial products).

If you are just looking for something that you can use to make signs and other wood projects, Bobcad seems to me to be overkill.

There are other software solutions that are far easier to use and are more focused on the typical projects a machine like the X-carve is commonly used to make.

I would recommend you play with the free trials of the Vectric software (Aspire, Vcarve, 2D cut, 3D cut) and ArtCam Express, or even some of the free solutions like Inkscape and makercam. Meshcam is also very good for generating toolpaths of complex shapes.

I purchased Vcarve desktop after looking around and trying most software programs. It is very easy to learn and very powerful. I was able to design and create my first project in just an hour after downloading it.

Just my two cents.


Thanks I’ll check these out.

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Ok, I sent this information to Bobcad - Bobart and below is the information they sent me back.

We have received a post request for your machine but are missing some information. In order to create a post for you we must have the following.

  1. A known working Sample G-code program (have this)
  2. A list of G&M codes and their descriptions (NEED this)
  3. A description of all drilling canned cycles (NEED this)

If you do not have this information check your machine manual for the information or contact your machine dealer and ask them to provide you with the above information.

If you have a post that is very close to what you want, e-mail that post to us.

A working program for your control along with a description of every line defining the operation.

An example and description of all applicable canned cycle(s).

G81 G98 Z-.25 R.1 F7.
(R reference plane)

G83 G98 Z-.25 R.1 Q5 F7.
(R reference plane)(Q peck amount)

G84 G98 Z-.25 R.1 F7.
(R reference plane)(F Feed per revolution)

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This is where the differences in commercial shop CNC machines and the X-Carve show up. The X-Carve does not have any canned drilling cycles. The G&M codes for X-Carve/GRBL are listed and described here

What types of projects do you think you will be using the X-Carve?

Things like making wooden signs, lettering/engraving , 2D cutting (cutting flat shapes out of wood or plastic) or do you plan to carve complex 3D shapes, or work with soft metals?

Plan on doing inlays, 3D carvings and more.

3D carving in metal or wood?

Am sorry I did not answer that did I, Wood.

Do you have experience with sold modeling software?

No. All my designs were on paper from many years ago. I do have a degree in drafting long before cad. I am still within my 45 days of the Bobcad - Bobart Software and have sent them a request for a refund. I have been able to draw a couple simple things in the software but it will not talk to X-Carve Machine.


I have BobCAM too, and my experience has been 100% the same as the others save the fact that I gave up trying to get it to work w my XCARVE (which I freaking love btw). DO you know if they’ve got this figured out yet?