Bobcad or Bobart software?

Does that mean you are using the BobCAM software for another machine? Or you can’t use it at all?

Can’t use it at all. The X-Carve is the only machine I have. And no Scott they don’t have it figured out. The salesman assured me that if they can’t make it work I would get my money back.

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No they haven’t as of now.

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I’ve only got the one machine (FREAKING LOVE IT)

That is horrible Scott, the BobCAD software is not inexpensive. I would be really mad if I bought it and could not use it anywhere.

The X-Carve is amazingly great.

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Yeah, not happy w BobCAD, but we’ll see. I just talked to em again on the phone and the tech guy said to try their generic BC3X mill setting. I’ll give it a shot when I get home. I think I already tried that, but not sure if I tried that w the g-code post processor setting.

Yeah, the x-carve is massively awesome in terms of what I can do and have done w it already. Yesterday I got a copy of a book pub’d in 1918 of 2265 stencils. W the xcarve and easel I can scan any of those 2265 patterns, convert to an SVG, and make amazing tables, signs, boxes, etc., but it’s all 2D stuff. Once I found out that I can download STL files from NASA and use the XCARVE to carve out a table w the great canyon on Mars or whatever…omg, REALLY wanna get me some 3D action asap! That means getting my BobCad/bobart to work.

Have you looked at Fusion 360, it is free (hobbyist) and is a solid model tool like BobCAD. But it has the distinct advantage of being able to generate gcode that X-Carve can use.

Is this the book? Very cool!

I have been digging around Google images to find designs.

Scott I tried the generic BC3X mill setting and it did not work for me. I have already made more hold downs using Easel. I am going to check out the Fusion 360 also. Thanks for the information on the stencils.

Vicki and Scott

The trouble you are having with BobCAD-CAM is simple. It is industrial grade software not hobby grade. The operating system that X-Carve uses with the Arduino and GRBL is hobby grade.
If you were to upgrade you operating system to a computer running XP or W7 and Mach3 or a computer running Linux and LinuxCNC with stepper drivers that are designed to run on these systems. Then You could use several of the post processors that come with BobCAD-CAM.
There is not a big incentive for BobCAD to write a post for running on a standard X-Carve. How meany hobby users are going to drop the big bucks for BobCAD.

I hope you are able to get your money back or if not you can teach yourself how to modify a BobCAD post.

Hope this helps


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I think you are exactly right David, but the BobCAD team seems confused about what their market really is. They offer this BobART add-on to BobCAD which seems to be for the hobbyist CNC user, but it requires BobCAD which is clearly targeted at industrial users. The entire hobbyist market for CNC seems to have really just confused the BobCAD sales team. They clearly want to enter that market but they don’t know anything about the types of machines we are using.

The sales people that kept calling me had never even heard of GRBL or X-Carve, but they were certain that any CNC machine would need 5 axis support and could not understand why I was not interested. When I told him that his software cost more than I paid for my machine he thought I was kidding.

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I have expensive CAD and CAM software but until I get my machine up and running I use it on an equally expensive milling machine with 4 axis capability.
My machine will also not run the Arduino/GRBL electronics but rather equipment I have on hand what will deal with my present CAD and CAM.

I see a lot of people talking about Fusion 360 for both CAD and CAM. There is also for free CAD. CamBam is a good low cost CAM program for 2.5D and some simple 3D CAM. They give a very generous trial period.

There are several other programs that the hobby user can get that do not have the high price tag that Industrial grade programs do.

Hope this helps


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When I talked to Bobcad Tech Support the first time they didn’t know what I was talking about on the GRBL either. They did look at Inventables web site and say they wanted the X-Carve too!


Just wanted to give an update on the Bobcad - Bobart software. Still not working with the X-Carve. If any one out there has this software and it works with the X-Cave please let me know. I have been on the phone with Bobcad and several emails and no luck.

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I thought they were going to refund your money.

AllenMassey, how would you import gcode that you have saved to a notepad file floating around on your desktop?

I asked but we are still working on it.

When you say “import” do you mean send it the X-Carve?

If so I would just load the file into Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) and send it.

In my opinion, even if they can provide you with a post processor that “works”, Vcarve is still a better option. Just tell them time is up.

Yes. We’re trying to send code to the X-Carve. I’m not familiar with the Universal Gcode Sender (UGS). Is that something that has to be purchased or can you just pull that up, load Gcode and communicate with the Arduino?