Bolting x carve down to table

Has anyone bolted theirs to their work bench, I have mine on a custom sized shop table with rollers on it and the top is melamine so it’s slick enough where the machine can slide easily. I wanted to mount it to the table but was curious how other people did theirs. Thanks guys.

I do believe quite a few people have bolted them to the table. It should not be a problem unless your machine is moving so fast as to translate momentum during direction changes to the table with wheels. I know we are getting close to Halloween, but nobody wants to see an X-Carve moving across the room on its own… :wink: :ghost:

I put some rubber feet on mine…


Brandon Parker

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Just be aware, that when you bolt it down, if there is any variation in your table it can twist the X-carve slightly. This will cause traming issues.

I put a rubber walkway mat under mine to help reduce vibration.
Works great.


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