Bonehead Mistakes?

What kind of bonehead mistakes have you made over and over? I’m not talking about accidents or things that you do from lack of experience, like breaking a bit using default settings, but mistakes that you should have learned from the first, second, or third time.

My bonehead mistakes are:
-Trying to put the vacuum hose back into the dust shoe, even though it is a stupid-tight fit and will likely move the spindle.

-My personal favorite apparently, since I just did it AGAIN tonight, is to draw something up, like a box to go around an outlet box, and not change it from “cut on line” to “cut outside line”. After an hour of cutting, I take the parts out and there’s a 1/16" gap between the pieces, and they are 1/8" too short.

Tell me I’m not the only bonehead around here, what mistakes have you made that you didn’t learn from? :smile:

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My mistakes repeat and repeat again;
Start carving, turn dust collector on and watch all dust blowing out of dust shoe, then realize, I forgot to change vacuum gates.
Draw the part, make zero point on Center to make all parts align easier, then forget to change it to bottom left corner before saving tool paths. Reset zeros on the material corner and start carving. Spindle goes to neighboors back yard to start carving.


Cutting my thumb on end mills is becoming a classic in my workspace…

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Ditto on that!!!

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