Book/Text Recommendation


Does anyone have any recommendations for books/texts regarding CNC milling or general machining.

I am new to X-carve and hobbyist CNC, and I want learn more about choosing feeds, spindle rates and depths of cuts from a mechanical and mathematical perspective.

I have been around the forum and the web and have seen examples of rule of thumb and chip loads estimation and calculation, but I want to look at the forces acting on a end mill when cutting.

Does anyone have textbooks from university/school or purchased online that they use as a reference?

Thank you

Mike Lynch ( search Amazon) has the best ones.

List of books here: incl. Bob Warfield’s The CNC Cookbook: An Introduction to the Creation and Operation of Computer Controlled Mills, Router Tables, Lathes, and More

You may find the balance of the wiki of interest as well.

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It seems to have been delayed, but if this ever comes out if should be required reading:

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There’s another Make book, “Designing for CNC” that seems to be taking forever to get out too.

Thanks for your suggestions,

I had a look at cnc cookbook and they suggested a few books:

The Machinery’s Handbook looks the best in terms of possible content:

But it looks to be out of my price range, so I will have to keep looking.

Such handbooks are great if you have a converted mill — for a CNC router, not so much, since so much is different. There is an old one which is in the public domain which one can get the basics of: