Booleans Masking and Grouping

Booleans! Need em.
Also, editing geometry like rectangles, etc
Shape enable. Instead of setting the height, creating file copies, etc… Allow enable/disable of shape. Set its outline to red when off.
When objects are set to zero cut depth, use a different edge color for them so we can see them.
Allow changing the background to a dark color.
Remove the popup that asks how our carves turned out. Already too much clicking in Easel.
Grouping. With group enable /disable as above for shapes.
Also, it would be handy to have a way to center one object inside of any other object, instead of only the material.

Allow the pro features in Easel. Paying for it is a bit much with all of the other options out there.

You can center one object to another object, select both objects at the same time and a little window will open up under EDIT MACHINE HELP, you can select a button to center, move it to the top,bottom,left or right.

There has been A TON of discussion about PRO features being Free in Easel…

don’t count on it happening.

Ha! Thanks Russel!

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