Border thickness difference on eliptical shape?

Machine: Openbuilds Workbee 1010
Designed in: VCarve Desktop

Hello all. I ran a project today and noticed an issue with the border thickness on the piece. It’s easiest to see when comparing the two ends. It is designed to be a 1/4" all the way around but the right side is thicker. I’m not sure whether this is a Gcode setting issue or, possibly bit deflection as it comes around the elipse and I just need to slow the speed down a bit? I checked the design in VCarve to make sure the elipses weren’t bumped out of place etc. but all appears good there.
Thanks in advance for any ideas on troubleshooting this issue…

The bit deflection theory is possible, but it looks like you used multiple bits on this one, and maybe the final cut out was done with the very last bit, is it possible the gantry was moved thag tiny amoint during the bit swap?

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I did use the XYZ (All 3 axis) touch probe again just before I started the 3d roughing bit because I noticed a little cupping from the wood warming up after the initial pocket cut. I shot a few more nails closer in while I applied downward pressure with my hand to get the piece to lay flatter to the spoil board again. I bet that’s it. I should’ve left well enough alone and just kept running it lol.

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