Bosch Colt Dust Boot

This is a great set up Jeff! Anyone out there have a design similar to this for a Bosch Colt mount? Specifically, has anyone devised a way to mount something like this on the Colt mount? Any help would be great.

Thanks @JeffParish. Perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see a photo of how it was mounted, only the back side of your L bracket. Did you use longer screws for the wheels on that side and mount it like that or just drill new holes entirely. thanks in advance for any help.

My dust shoe mounts on the X carriage plate and has nothing to do with what router or router mount you use. Don’t see why this wouldn’t work for the Bosch as well.

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Thanks @JeffParish. Did you get longer screws for the wheels on the x-axis plate or drill additional holes to mount your bracket? I love the design. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Perhaps I missed a photo of how it’s mounted to the X carriage plate so forgive me if I did too. Thanks again.

Yes, I drilled and tapped 2 holes to mount my bracket with relief holes to clear existing protrusions. I posted a lot of pictures when I was helping another person with this shoe and mount. Maybe do a search and check them out. If you can’t find them and you need help just let me know.

Found it. Search for “new dust boot”. Hope this helps.

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