Bosch Colt power

Is there a way to wire the Bosch Colt to automatically turn off when the carve is completed or do I have to do it manually?

This will work with any router.

So your saying I have to cut the plug off the cord and use the wires from the cord? A little confused, Sorry

Nope, the router plugs into the relay at the bottom of my post.

do you have a picture?

I don’t have a picture of the wiring to the relay…it is all in my enclosure and not really easy to photograph. it is only 4 wires…2 to the arduino/g-shield and 2 to the router…my post explains it…if you go this route and get the relay I will talk you through it if you need help.

Great. Thank you. I guess I just need to know what type of relay I need to get

This is the one I have:

Perfect…I got it ordered. Thanks !!

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Ok…sorry to pester you with this but in your post you mention you marked letter A and B to correspond with the wires. What exactly are you talking about with A and B? Hope this makes sense!!!

click the little arrow to the right of that post above and it will take you to my original post with more information.

Thanks, Got it. Still learning this forum

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