Bosch Spindle Mount Bolt Location on Plate

I have searched for details on where to mount the Bosch spindle mount to it’s plate. This detail had been left out of the PDF document found here: . I found this video on Inventables youtube channel that shows the mount being attached to the middle of the plate with two inner holes at around 1:30. After mounting this way I noticed that these two bolt heads are going to interfere with the delrin Z nut as it moves down the threaded rod

I guess it should go in the two outer holes that will clear the z nut block, but one of the holes is bigger because it’s on the side with the eccentric v-wheel adjusters. I guess this will allow some adjustability to square the spindle to the table. Does anyone have any suggestions or helpful links I may have missed? Thank you!

Edit: I realize now that the delrin Z nut is bolted to and moves with the spindle mount, so there will be no interference. #noob

How high off the wasteboard does the router sit at its lowest on the z-axis? Mine is more than 2 inches. Im wondering if I did something wrong.