Bought used x-carve - need direction where to start

Hi - I bought a 2018 used x-carve and the guy upgraded everything on it last year. I have it in my shop and ready to test it out and not sure where to start. Any advice for resources to start would be appreciated. I want to make sure the machine is all setup correctly first before I do my first test carve. Is it safe to download the Windows drivers and hook it up, or do I need to do something first?

Here is what I got:

I have watched a few Easel resources and wondering if I just select 2021 x-carve since I believe this one has all of the upgrades?

Thanks, and I’m excited to start playing around with it!

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this might help you get started?

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With all of the upgrades, yes you can do the setup as the post nov 2021 version.
If you’ve done the upgrades then you’ve covered verifying belt tension, you may also want to verify the eccentric nuts are set properly and double check the router brushes… heres the reccomended steps for calibration and maintenance.

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