Box Carve/Design - Problem/Question

I designed a Box using Easel using the box APP.

Everything went sort of OK, except the box cuts where not aligned nor sized properly. I see that the app states something about dog-bones that I did not follow. Maybe this is related.

Any help appreciated! Look at the photos for the issues. As you can see the edges of the cutouts don’t line up :frowning:

Here’s a copy to my Easel project:

PS: Another question: What are the units in the box app? I don’t seem to understand what units does it follow since it is not inch nor mm.

For the outside cut did you set it to cut outside the line instead of inside or on the line?

hi !

i think you need tu use "outline outside " to have the correct size.
(your project is set ouline on path)

BTW, with outside, all iner corner will need clearance (dogbone)
because you cant mill a straight corner with a rounded tool

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How much Dogbone should I add? the Bit Size?

Thanks everyone for your help… Outside cut! (Duh!) Thank you for that!

For the DogBone… How much and how should I add it… Inside/Outside on or off?

How does this look?

I am using a double straight flute 1/8" end mill. Don’t even know if its the correct tool! :slight_smile:

@PhilJohnson - didn’t you have a post describing how you zeroed in on making better (almost unnoticeable) dog bones? I can’t find it. Or do you use a specific formula?

So… Can someone tell me if the dog bones in the picture look ok, or if I need to make them differently?

If you’re using 0.125" bit, try to change notch size half of it. 0.0625"

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It is working on me perfectly. By changing circle locations, you’re cheating on dog bone created lines. Kind of re-drawing manually.
Same as VCarve. Dog bone size must be half of the diameter of the bit you’re using. Also inputting exact material thickness critical.

You’re the one talking about editing dog you posted.
I’m saying you do not need to change anything on easel dog bone creator.

Simply create box on easel applications , click on Dog Bone creator app, change notch size to half of the diameter of the bit you’re using. Done.
Picture follows.

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Just for grins, I sent @PhilJohnson’s graphic to Vectric to see if they can add an option for this type of fillet to vastly improve V-Carve’s joinery capability. Will respond here if I get a response.

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Did you actually run it on the work or just testing on easel preview screen.

Ok, I’m an idiot and I apologize. V-Carve automatically does what Phil suggests. Also - NICE follow-up by Vectric. Here is a pic:

FYI: I checked VCarve and it positions the dog bones correctly (at least the newer version does)

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Thanks for the simplified instructions. Two questions:

  1. I still don’t get what the dog bone will do, since I am routing on the outside of the line, I don’t see how that will get drilled.

  2. Easel draws an error in the preview (red lines) showing that Easel can’t drill those diameters. Makes sense since I am making the notch half the size the bit.

Maybe I should tick the outside/inside option in DogBone creator app?

Yes. See above. I actually checked all the way back to version 7 and it worked then too.

What happens if I cut the outside of the line instead. Would I still need dogbones for that?

Anyway. I still can’t know if what I did is correct or not in the pictures I attached in this post:


Darn it… Couldn’t do it… One side is considerably bigger than the other and thus not fit (the female is largeer than the male.

All outside cut with dogbanes as specified here, using easel.

Measure your bit with some good calipers. More often than not a bit will have a different cutting diameter than the sticker on the package says.

After measuring the bit, use that as a custom size instead of the pre-provided ones.