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Box Generator + Dog Bone App = OOPS

I read through a few forum posts and it seems others are having the issue but no answers aside from use (insert paid / alternate app here)

I created a simple box with the box generator, then dog boned it. I didn’t adjust the cut path and kept the bit size (1/8th) the same through both apps. I’m ending up with 1/8th gaps on each side of the tabs, even when moving tolerance down to it’s lowest settings I still have gaps.

Am I missing something? Or is this common for now? It doesn’t make for a completely un-usable box, but it does make for a box only a mother could love. If I can adjust settings I’d be good to go. I looked at some of the other box apps (MakerCase looks promising).

Just wanted to get some feed back on this, I cut some boxes just from vectors I made and they worked out fine, except for some sanding in the corners, so I know easel and my x-carve are making paths fine.

Maybe I need blue locktite? lol

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when the apps get done with the profiles, are the cuts on the line, inside the line, or outside the line?

If it is not on the right setting, then the tool paths get put in the wrong place relative to the geometry, leaving the gaps.

Both apps create the toolpath “On-Path” Supposedly, according to the easel youtube videos they are “Ready to cut” and no modification of paths is needed, Although it seems off for sure. Almost the path I’d cut if using a .250 bit instead of a .125 bit.

I was kind of thinking that, but wasn’t sure since the easel live video says no change needed. I’ll run it again as outside path and see what happens.

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I actually just did that. :wink:

They all fit together perfectly as fill / pockets. So onward and boxward to another trial.

Thanks for the help, I could have just cut it on the outside, but then if it messed up, I’d be here anyways. and I got a break from wearing my ear protection so it all worked out.


Well that worked a lot better, however I had one come out real janky, then I noticed my router is pulling down on forward cuts and up and backward cuts, so I tightened everything up and will try again once I get more material.

Thanks for the helpful advice @PhilJohnson. I seem to only have issues when I try to use Easel apps. everything else has been coming out pretty good.

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