Box maker App, out of place hole

I’m using the Box Maker App, not the Classic, and there’s a hole in one of the sides that every time I choose the “Lid” option, it automatically puts it in the carve. IDK why. I watched “Paw Paws Workshop” video on Box Making, and he didn’t have that on his carve. Any idea why it’s there, and can I delete it? I tried to delete it and it wouldn’t let me.

Any help would be appreciated,

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Can you share the project?

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Mark, it sounds like maybe there’s a hole that’s been locked in place which prevents deletion.
I’ve tried a few iterations of the boxmaker just now and none of them developed any holes out of place as described.

You could click the hole and see if this Lock is active, if it is, deactivate the Lock and it should then let you delete the design element.

If this fails to resolve the issue, can you share the project (shown in the 2nd half of this video) and then paste the “share link” in this thread? thanks!

thank you

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