Box Maker Classic app issue

Hi everyone. I just used the box maker classic app and the box came out perfect, except for one issue.

The outside tabs were cut smaller than the specified width that I entered in the app settings

And I got this

The outside tabs came out narrower than expected so there is a distinct gap. Is it because it cut on the line, which was the default setting. Should I have changed it to outside cut instead?

I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find a similar post.

Thanks in advance

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Yes I believe it is because you did on the path and you need to do outside.

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Thanks Zac

I’ll give it another go today and post my results. Have a great day mate

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I used the classic box maker app. clicked on outside path (as suggested)and got the same gap problem.
Using 1/4" oak stock and a 1/16" flat mill bit
I set the tabs to be .25"W X .25"D,
What I ended up with was .2775" W X .24" D.
The tabs sticking out were .2225 W.
When put together, it looks exactly like SamGironda’s picture, only he used follow object path. Very Frustrating…Before I waste any more of my precious oak, I would like to know how to fix this.

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