Box maker classic wont work

I have tried To make few boxes but it wont work. It doesnt understand size of bit and it cuts wrong. Is there any thing To do?

I just designed a simple box using a 1/8” bit and everything appeared OK. Did not carve it.

Where are you having the problem. In the design or the carving?

It leaves gap. I dont know if its because there is not possible To make digbones.iike To use another box maker but there is not possible To make full box, only top with that slider.

I’ll give it a try. You can add dogbones after you import the design. Highlite everything and use dogbone app

You appear to have cut on the inside of the lines when you should have cut on the outside, for the piece that is vertical in the picture.

I say that because we can see that the bottom tongue of that piece doesn’t reach to the flat bottom of the bottom piece.

Should i change that setting every part? I have now cutted everythin outside

@SamiAavikko. I’m going to make a box Monday and post the video. Will look at the problems and possible solutions

I haven’t used the tool myself, but yes I would assume they should be outside cuts.

I’ve tried several things this morning. No success yet. Will keep you posted

@SamiAavikko. The Box Maker App defaults using an “on path” cut. This will not work and give you the results that you experienced. Here is a video I did so that you can see exactly how to Make this work for you

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