Box makers

Can’t seem to get my boxes right with the finger joints?
Pondering just doing a cutout from a solid piece of wood but that limits depth? Thoughts or better templates?

try this, it’s for laser. you can try it. you will need to put dog bones and deduct for cutter.

MakerCase - Easy Laser Cut Case Design

I wrote this box generator using Openscad. If Thingiverse Customizer is working (it frequently is broken) you can enter the parameters of the box and it will create an STL file. The STL files can be processed for 3D printing, but they can also be processed for CNC using software like Easel Pro or Vectric.

These boxes are not finger jointed but they do use rabbet joints which make them strong and easy to assemble.

I also have other box generators on Thingiverse more suited to lasers or Cricuts.

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the trick is to select the bit size first, then use the box maker app. Also, make sure you measure the material thikness precisely.


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