Box troubles

Hello chaps, here is what I am working on

A small box with rounded corners and a lid that slides on…I am going for the same effect as opening an iPhone box. a resistance fit.

Annoyingly when I scale up the inner to the outer, I have just scaled in Easel, used both of the off setters and the inlay tool, and the result is the the radii of the inner and the outer never match up…

I have tried different bit sizes, large and small…it is driving me nutty!

I have sussed out how to deep pocket and obtain a uniform all thickness but as you can see, the inner is sloppy in the outer…

I am not to good at this but maybe try the inlay app where one fits inside the other or maybe that is not what you are wanting to do.

try Creating it using the offsetter app? Share your file so we can evaluate it


I tried the off setter and the Indy app…any help is grateful

thanks Wayne…it is what I am looking for but for the life of me I canna get it to work out like I expect.

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Try creating your design in three pieces. I think your slop is coming from how easel determines were it cuts. You can set the “Outline” cut to cut on path inside or outside, when you do a clearing cut like your center area it will work off the center of the bit.

Without testing it that is what I think is happening. You can cut all three pieces in one pass just make the center clearing pass piece just small enough to fit inside your cut that creates the “FIT” part of your design.

I hope the pic I attached explains what I am trying to say. Hope it helps Steve

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Thanks @SteveMoloney check this out

So I sussed it out…it goes like this.

Step 1: Create pocket for, in this case the deck of cards.
Step 2: Copy that and scale it up, I constrained the dimensions.
Step 3: Now I use the inlay tool to give me a dead on cut out for the lower and the pocket in the upper.
Step 4: I then copy the pocket on the upper, scale it up, inlay tool and then I have the final cut for the upper

Next thing to sus out… stepped sides for interlocking boxes…

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/Users/hmpl/Library/Containers/ Booth Library/Pictures/Photo on 8-10-19 at 9.54 AM #2.jpg

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If you are getting chip-out when cutting wood, consider changing where the job starts and ends. Basically where the endmill enters and exits the wood. Knowing how the bit rotation affects the wood also helps you to determine the best approach to resolving the issue.

Do you have suggestions for editing where a tool path starts in Easel? I’ve tried rotating shapes with no success.

You can not specify the tool path start in Easel.
You only have semi-control of work zero which always is at Easel grid X0Y0, the design can be placed anywhere around X0Y0.