Boxzy Milling Machine Excellent Condition

This Boxzy is the Milling only version. Used to mill coins and some wood. Works great and is in excellent condition. The only issue is the 2 Limit switches need to be replaced, and I’ll include the new ones, along with some end mills to get you started and some extra sacrificial MDF boards. Has all the original accessories, cords, software is on a SanDisk thumb drive.

This machine has plenty of life in it and will mill wood, steel, stainless, brass copper etc. Easel g-code works great with the machine.

$1000.00 plus shipping, US only or you can save on shipping and pick the unit up, I’m located on the East coast of Va.

Selling so I can buy a new X-Carve.

Price reduction to 700.00 plus shipping.

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