Boy Scout \ Cub Scout projects - help needed

One of my original reasons for buying my XC was for the creation of awards \ plaques that I can donate to our pack (for my younger son) and troop (for my older son) as the boys cross over, are awarded arrow of light, order of the arrow, rank advancements etc…

Now that I’ve flattened the learning curve on the machine’s use and standard v-bit carving and sign making, I want to get to doing the scout projects.

I did some searches on eBay for STL files related to Scouting and can’t really find much. Does anyone have any VCarve files or STL etc… they wouldn’t mind sharing, or can someone give me some suggestions on the best way to take some of the EPS and SVG files available and convert them into both 2D and 3D carves?

Thanks in advance!

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Here are a couple of simple ones…what exactly are you looking for?

Thanks! I’m basically looking for some pre-built CRV files, otherwise some STL (like you provided) or EPS and SVG (which I’ve already found) - then I need some pointers to how to convert the STL, EPS and SVG to something I can feed the CNC…

Will this get you started? A crv file with the vectors and a v-carve toolpath generated?

BSA.crv (465.5 KB)


Here is an Arrow of Light. (I am waiting for a conference call to start).

ArrowofLight.crv (87.5 KB)

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Here is a quick Arrow of Light Award plaque. Don’t know anything about Boy Scouts, but this seemed Boy Scout’ish.

ArrowofLightPlaque.crv (565 KB)

Here is the plaque with Erik’s BSA logo:

ArrowofLightPlaqueBSA.crv (602 KB)

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this was before I sprayed laquer on it

This is fantastic guys, thanks for the REALLY fast replies and help.

The only thing better than Inventables support is the support from the folks on this forum! And it makes the machine owning experience completely worthwhile.

I’m going to go play with these, and then I’ll probably have some questions about where you got them, or how you converted them. I’ve seen a ton of SVG and I think I want to take a crack at converting them once I’ve cut a few of these.

Thanks again!!!

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I’ll try to add some files here later this week - i’m looking at an X -Carve for the same reasons, right now i’m using my dad’s laser cutter. One thing I can advise is to spend more time than you think you need creating a solid logo for the Pack and Troop - at different sizes, etc - once you get that and a few other bits, you can make a lot. Also, if you can decide now on a font family, will keep your awards looking coherent from year to year - it’s easy to change up and then after the fact realize that nothing matches:)

And thanks to the others posting here - big help!

Thanks Robert, much appreciated!

I see you just joined, so if you’re on the fence about an XCarve, make sure the ask the folks here any questions you might have about build, capabilities etc… one of the first things I did before I bought was spend time here and learned that the support you can get from the designers and community in this forum makes all the difference in the machine experience. I don’t think I would have bought one had I not seen how involved and helpful the community was to new owners.

FYI, its Pack not Troop for arrow of light. The Arrow of Light is the Cub Scout version of Eagle rank in the boy scouts.

I am from England, well I now live in Norway, but I was a scout, so the title of this project intrigued me,

an aside I never pay for images, probably my growing up in England just after the war with rationing etc… I look to google for free images, so you can just search google “scouting images” and here is what I found, I see your using VcarvePro just the command insert bitmap

scouting images


Yes, good clarification, I have boys in both (one bear, the other life) so there’s a lot of crossover (troop, pack, den, blue and gold, red and green), its fun to try and keep track of which event is which weekend…

lol, you seem to have it easy. Im a cub scout den leader (bears this coming year), outdoor activities chair, Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor, Nova/STEM counselor and supernova mentor. After next school year my daughter will be in a venture crew so that gets added to my mix lol. I just thought at large as scouting is there would be more questions here about it but BSA does try to keep a tight lid on all their logos and images. One day ill get my own x-carve and start making my own but for now i just use easel to design and send to a friend that cuts for me.

Oh, I’ve done my time. Bear and wolf den leader for my older boy back in the day, now assistant scoutmaster and merit badge counselor for several badges. 5 more years and my tour is over.

I firmly believe that scouting is the source of the phrase “No good deed goes unpunished”.



Below are some photos of trophies I made for my son’so Cub Scout Pack Raingutter Regatta. I need to add the plaque to the bases that I will crave out of sheet aluminum.


This looks great! Is there any chance you could post a SVG version of this file?

Hey @Mike19, Sorry it has taken so long to respond! I have been super busy. What, exactly, are you hoping to do? And what software are you using?

That’s ok this is an old post, thank you for replying. I’m hoping to import this into Easel to cut out on an X-Carve machine. However, I don’t have the Corel software that can open this file format and it turns out the 30 day trial of the software won’t let you export any files.

Thank you,