Braking bits

is there a way to change the direction of path? i have broken 3 bits on 3 different projects due to path going down the side of my project and hitting one of my blocks i placed where there was absolutely no carving near. what is the deal why would it even go that path instead of going right to center or why would it not just stay up where i have it and move to the beginning point then go down to carve so the cheap inventable bits dont get broken.

You’ll need to give more information.
How did you set your work zero?
Did this happen while carving or before?
Can you share the Easel project?

Good thing you weren’t using expensive end mills…you would’ve broken them too. A broken tool is rarely that tool’s fault.

Always check your toolpaths before carving just in case a traversal path (non-cutting path) is indicated to possibly go over a clamp. Another thing you can do if you cannot move an affected clamp is increase the safety height that way all of the traversal paths are higher. This can be found in the Machine Inspector and is normally set to 0.15" in Easel by default.


Brandon Parker