Brand New User Question: Issue with detail vs rough starting point

Hi all,

First time user this morning. First post this afternoon… lol

In an attempt to ease my way into this I tried to cut three stars out of pine. I set it up to do a rough cut with a 1/8" bit and then a detail cut with a 1/16" bit. Rough cut went fine but after I changed the bit for the detail cut and went through the steps to re-identify my z, etc. I chose to carve again. But, when I did the detail cuts were way off… not even close. Any ideas on what I did that to change my reference points on where it was supposed to carve.

Apologies for the lack of proper terminology. I am an uber newb at this.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have.

Did you select use last home position when going through the steps before your detail pass?

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I just did another test on the opposite side of the wood and it was fine. I think I may have moved the router a little when I changed the bit out. I was much more aware this time. I used the controls to jog it to the center a specific distance. Changed bits - acquired new z axis. Then chose last home position. Worked well

Thanks for the reply, Russell. I’m certain I’ll be on here a ton moving forward.


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Search for this thread "Anyway to verify position " it will help you lock your motors

SteveMoloneyAug 20
Have you set your machine to $1=255 in machine settings? this will keep power to your stepper motors during a bit change so you cant move the carriage and lose your position.

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Have you set your machine to $1=255 in machine settings?

In addition to what Steve mention, also make sure dip switch #4 for each axis is =OFF.
(#4 govern Idle Current Reduction, located on the red switch blocks inside the Xcontroller housing)

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I sometimes have the same problem. In my case, a tight collet caused the gantry to move when loosening or tightening the collet for the bit change. I now clamp both sides of the x axis before bit change with a couple of 1x1 boards and a light clamp while I wait for a new collet.

Be careful, many people over tighten the collet. It needs to be tight to hold the bit but do not over tighten. It will help when changing the bits as well as what everyone else has said above. Welcome to the forum.

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