Brand New X-Carve, Cannot get Z axis Stop Switch working

Okay, I triple checked my wiring,

Hooked up my multimeter to the stopper switch, when I click it I have continuity so thats good.

Wires from switch plug to “green” connector on the power box is good.

Green Connector is good…

Could I have a bad chip board thing?

My laptop has current windows updates, also has the correct drivers installed as well.

IM so confused?


Open Easel and press CTRL+SHIFT+D (this will open Machine Inspector. MI)
MI have three “LED” icons one for each axis, when you press the switch manually by hand do the LED icon turn green? If so the board register the switch correctly. If not there is something else going on.

Do the Z-carriage actually hit the Z-switch?

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Make sure the spacer/bumper is in a spot that gets hit and can back off.

When I set my machine up last year, I had accidentally connected my switch in correctly. I had the wrong tabs on the micro-switch connected and it was not working. After I swapped my wires around it started working fine.

You might want to double check those wires.


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Thanks Team!

I figured it out, I did the CTRL + SHIFT + D and found my X and Z were switched.

The panel on the back of the controller is printed incorrectly on my model.

Very interesting.

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