Brand New Xcarve - Screws rusting on Day 2

My machine screws are rusting already. The machine has been assembled for two days. Anybody else having the same issues???

Do you happen to have pool chemicals or other chemicals stored in the same room as your X-Carve?

What is the relative humidity in the area where the Xcarve is located?

Most likely this issue has to do with RH of the space that the Xcarve is located in and has nothing to do with the machine itself. I live in northwest Arkansas where the humidity can be as high as 100%. I have to control the humidity in my shop with a dehumidifier, otherwise all of my tools would be covered in rust.

If your humidity is high enough to cause the bolts to rust, your electronics will probably suffer as well.

No chemicals at all…however I live in FL so the garage may be a bit humid. Guess I’ll have to run the dehumidifier in there.

A combination of the increased salt content and humidity could cause rusting, but I wouldn’t expect it to happen on day 2. If there’s any possibility of acid fumes getting in that would cause it, maybe from a neighbor’s shed or garage. Do you have a problem with your tools insta-rusting as well?

If you can’t find a chemical source, I would suggest getting in touch with Inventables, by phone or at They may be able to help you find fasteners that are stainless or have a different coating.

I own a Fastener supply company and my reccomendation if you have alot of humidity is to replace the socket cap screws with zinc plated (cr+3) screws, or even better yellow zinc (cr+6).Black oxide coating is an asthetic coating only and does tent to rust quickly in humid environments. You can switch st stainless steel fasteners however they are not only significantly lower shear strength, also will not work with carbon steel nuts. If you cant get them from inventables let me know and I can send you a bag pretty cheap. Hope this helps!


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We are in Florida also. Get a can of this to spray on all of your bare metal hardware.

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I also live in FL and I am noticing a small amount of rust on my screws. I am going to try this fire pit cover and some damp rid to handle it…

Only thing about stainless hardware is it is softer and can strip out easier

They won’t if there 18-8 Stainless hardware.

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18-8 (304) cold work hardened SS hardware is plenty strong enough to use on a X-Carve, was my point.

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Interesting… To cheaply avoid rust I just dab the head of the screw with a q-tip soaked in WD40

+1 for stainless hardware. I live in humidville TN next to a lake where carbon steel rusts if you look away for too long. When my x-carve fasteners started rusting I replaced all the fasteners with stainless from

Best 4$ ever spent, stainless is the bees knees