Branding Irons

Dragonfly workshop made branding irons

Watch out if you make them you could get arrested. German Minister of Agriculture Isle Aigner finally came to the long awaited decision declaring hot iron branding illegal. Germany will join Denmark, Scotland and the Netherlands in outlawing the practice.

What material?
What bits did you use.
I am not interested in branding irons but I am interested in doing metals

I think the crime must be using it on an animal. I can’t imagine it would be illegal to brand wood.

crazy how they are making it illegal to brand

I used to brand all the time (cattle of course)

but yeah actually I have been approached a few times to make branding irons like that but its hard to make them cost effective as they take awhile to mill out and most brands that are used on a regular basis are just simple steel rod bent into the brand logo

Now same concept on the x-carve but like zach said branding wood I have also had that done on a few of my jobs and I have outsourced it because they where very small but very good business I imagine to get into because they charge alot for them

They aren’t illegal. Rockler Woodworking stores sell them.

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Branding Live animals must be the issue.

From a 2012 article

“After a long, contentious debate between animal welfare groups and breed associations in Germany, the practice of hot branding horses for identification is now illegal in that country.”

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