Breaking belts

I’ve only been up and running for about a week now and managed to break all the belts, except the z axis. The x broke at about 10 hrs. Today after about 5 more hours both y axis belts started separating at exactly the same spot across from each other. All the smooth pulleys and motors line up. I had all the belts adjusted to 3.5 lbs at 1 inch pulled from the middle. I noticed some fraying on the x belt in the same spot it broke last time now as well. I’ve since lowered the tension a little thinking they’re too tight. I know people run them tighter I just don’t know what else to do.

I know a lot of people upgrade to 9mm, I just feel this machine should function with the components its sold with when used lightly. Anyone have any ideas? I’ll be calling customer support tomorrow, they’ve been great so far.

If you are seeing “fraying”, it would indicate an alignment problem.
Are our belts rubbing on the sides of the pulleys or the idlers?
If so, its an alignment problem.

After the x axis belt broke I took note of how the belts were riding. The x was rubbing the side of the pulley. I was able to adjust the belt clips slightly to center it better. Both y belts are running center on the pulleys across full travel.