Breaking bits! Please help

Using x-carve and I keep breaking my 1/32 bit. I am using a Dewalt 611, with a feed rate at 30 in/min, plunge at 9 in/min and depth per pass at 0.028 in, which is what is recommended by easel. I’m cutting into birch plywood and sometimes pine. These are the bits from Inventables. I’m just not sure what to do.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Jennifer. Lower your depth per pass to .012". For birch, you may try 20-25 ipm on the feed.

As a general rule, divide your bit diameter by 2 to get your depth of cut. Simplified, if you have a 1/4" bit, go no deeper than 1/8th". You may also find 1/3 or 1/4 the diameter and multiple passes provide a smoother finish. With less depth you can often increase your IPM as well.