Broke 2 1/32 bits when probing

new to x carve and easel everything is good and going great z probe works great with evry bit except 1/32 bits it just goes and breaks and z probe keeps going down i have to stop probing to stop itgoing down. im scared to try it again i looked into the forum but couldnt find any info in regards wondering if im doing something wrong or if theres something im missing thank you

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Your not doing anything wrong those bits are very fragile. If you look at them wrong they will break. If you can get away from that small of a bit and use a vbit you will be better off. Or if you have to use it try probing with a piece of paper where you can slow the z way down on how much you go down.


thank you as i say its new to me i will manually probe the smaller bits i just wanted to ask the question so i could determine self error or something else i appricate the response happy carving


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