Broken belt how to adjust

So I broke the y-belt … not sure if it is normal to break belts machine is only 3-4 months old maybe 50 hours on it , I was running a 6x18" full 3D carvevwheh it broke edges of the belt are a bit frayed “none” of my belts travel in the center of the pulley I have the new x-carve with pressed on pulleys so there is no way to adjust for this I can’t ship the idler pulleys because that would pull the belt off of center with the rail… how am I supposed to adjust for this with pressed on pulleys?

Those pulleys pressed for that reason not to rub belts. Must be something wrong. Might be installation mistake. I suggest contacting Inventables and ask for advise. They have very good customer relations.

It’s installed correctly, I don’t understand how shimming the idler pulleys would be good the belt is going to want to travel with the center line of the y axis makerslide , if I shim it it will be putting pressure on the belt if that makes sense I need to be able to adjust the motor pulley the belt is dead center of the idlers … I think it’s a design flaw I would like a set screw as well… @Zach_Kaplan

Edit: I’m running 4.7lbs tension as well

I’m going to install a new belt tonight and post pics of the alignment

My personal trick is to adjust one Y belt with the fish scale and then adjust the second one to the first by plucking the two belts and adjusting until the tones match.

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Agreed, but in the process of fixing that he may end up adjusting the belt tension and since the fish scale was mentioned I figured I’d throw in my little trick.

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I’ll lol at the idlers tonight , but I know the belt is tracking in the center of the axis I even said to myself during assembly " man that pulley sure seems off"

@FatKatOne have you talked to our Customer Success team?

They might be able to help you out with this.

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not yet it broke in the wee hours I’m gonna wrench on it after work today.

We have someone available most days until 8pm CST

You can also email them so they can work on it now here:

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Ok so I’m back up and running upon further inspection of the belt i think it may have just been time for it to go… the idle pulleys are almost perfectly centered over the groove in the makerslide that the belt rides above the pulley is what needs to be adjusted but theres no way to do that, its snot really rubbing the side wall more so that it is just running agains it if that makes sense last night I thought I saw fraying on the belt but it was just the fibers where is is broken. im just going to let is ride an keep plenty of extra belt on hand, it wasnt hard to replace took about 5 mins with a piece of servo wire I had lying around.

Wonder if anyone has upgraded the x-carve to a rack and pinion drive system?