Broken Bit, need advice please

Hi all, I live in Alberta, Canada. I just broke my 1/16" fishtail 2F bit on a customer job. I don’t have time to order from Inventables. Any fellow Canadian folk out there know where I might be able to find a replacement a.s.a.p?

Does Amazon operate in Canada?

Hi Mark,

Yes it does, but I can’t seen to find these type of bits?

Google “1/16” fishtail 2F"
All kinds of them.
I’m sure that you can get them overnighted.

Hello good morning my name is Johan Mota this store is in canada

MSC Canada
Beamsville CFC
4660 Delta Way
Beamsville, ON, L0R 1B4


Thank you John.

no problems i live in houston texas i just wanted to help a little i understand how frustrating it is when that happens in the middle of a job that’s why i have a lot of bit in my workshop?