Broken bit, project savable?

Hey guys, I just ordered my first 1mm bit set of 10. I did a 2 step project with 1/16" as the finish bit (in Birch ply) and it still lacks just a little detail.
Anyway, my thought is to get ahead of the curve here as I’ll soon start working with expensive Curly Cherry after testing in Birch Ply. I have a full service hardwood store 4 miles from my house…:slight_smile:

If I break a bit mid project can I save the project? Do I change the bit re-zero Z and use last x-y home and start it over?

I’m assuming the machine doesn’t know it broke a bit and keeps on going, Is there a way to start it back up where it left off?


P.S. I searched the forum and didn’t really find an answer except for tape a dollar store laser pointer on the spindle housing and make a pencil mark at x-y home which sounds like a great idea but wouldn’t telling the machine to start at x-y accomplish the same?

yeah pausing the project isn’t going to help since the z would need to be re-zeroed. The best thing I could think of would be to start the cut over at the same start position. I have had this happen before and was able to save the project. It’s just important to be meticulous with your home position so you can reacquire it if something goes bad.

I’m using Easel / Easel pro, the x-y home there should work?

The solution is a fixed reference point for the machine, you can achieve this by:

  • Have homing switches installed
  • Use a zero-block like this (Charley is a member here on this forum)

The machine is ignorant of the broken bit and will continue. If a small diameter bit broke the X/Y position is still valid so only a re-zero of Z is required.
You can not tell Easel to skip a certain part of the code, but you can fast forward.
You can edit the gcode file itself to remove previously carved code but that require knowledge of gcode to be safe and practical.

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Thank You. I should have mentioned, I have homing switches and start every job by homing the machine then setting x-y in bottom L corner. I also have the Z probe.
So that’s what that fast forward looking slider is at the bottom? Haha I was afraid to touch it.

just watched the Triquetra demo video… Awesome