Broken Tab on Homing switch

Hey guys,

While I was installing my upgraded Z Axis Slide from CNC4NEWBIZE, I somehow broke one of the tabs on my Z Axis homing switch.

So, can I use the extra one that’s on there somehow? Don’t have anywhere local to get another, and don’t really wanna wait 2-3 days for a $2 replacement.

You could disable homing while you wait for a replacement.

I bought my replacements from Amazon. It was a 10 pack for like $6 and they are a form, fit, function replacement.

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@LouisScutti Got a transistor and a couple resistors available? You could build an inverter circuit.

This one has values.
Source here:

That’s what my plan is. I ghetto rigged it for the mean time, while replacements show up.