Broken Tap screw problem looking for ideas

I’m upgrading my Shapeoko2 500mm^2 to X-Carve 1000mm^2 and while tapping one of the makerslides I broke the golden rule of multiple passes and broke my tap in the makerslide. Any tips on getting the tap out of the makerslide? The tap is 3/4 inside the makerslide hole and the broken piece isn’t a shape I can get a good grip on with a vise pliers.

I’m going to try grinding one side down to see if I can get a better grip on it, but thought I’d ask the group is anyone has some tricks of getting a tap out.

Thank you in advance.

You can try heating up Maker Slide might help. But in the reality, that will give you a problem all the time, if you can’t make one good solid connection. I suggest a replacement. You can buy single side coast $31.14 if it is Black Anodized.

Do you have a welder? If so, you can place a nut slightly larger than the piece of broken tap that is protruding, and weld the nut to the tap. Then use a wrench on the nut to back the tap out.

If not, you could probably take it to a machine shop.

You can solve this w/ kitchen chemistry, or w/ some wire:

I knew I asked the right folks. Thank for all the replies! Lot’s of good ideas. I think I might start with the weld a piece of metal to it. Although the kitchen chemistry sounds like more fun… I know I’m going to take it easy on the rest and this one when I get it done…

Thanks again for the info!

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Piano wire is what is used… thin and strong… slide it between the reliefs in the tap, all three, and use a wrench to twist theta out. Caution though, its not available in all music shops!

If you cannot get it out, don’t discard the just trim th maker slide and cut off the offending section. Sure, your 1000mm may be a 950mm but I doubt you’ll ever notice.

No, the small piece sticking out of the makerslide broke-off when I tried to turn it. The cold steel tap broke so easy, we didn’t try welding to it out of fear that it would just break. Guitar strings didn’t work as I cannot get the string down the reliefs in the tap (must be jammed with cuttings). Even tried drilling the relief taps with a small bit, it was a no go.

I know it’s not right, but I’m using the makerslide with 3 of the 4 bolts right now. Soon as I get ahold of an old coffee pot I’m going to try the Alum mixers w/ kitchen chemistry.

@AngusMcleod thanks for the clarification on piano strings. Still don’t think piano strings will work as I couldn’t get a drill bit in the reliefs of the tap