Brushes for Dewalt DWP611 - $15 for 4 w/ free shipping

Hey guys-

We’ve just launched a new product on the website. We’re now selling replacement brushes for the Dewalt routers used on most X-Carves, just $15 for a set of 4 (2 complete sets) with free shipping in the USA.

These brushes are custom made from high quality E-105 grade electrographite carbon material (the same material used for the stock brushes). They are equivalent to part number A27343 and are a drop in replacement for the brushes in your Dewalt 611 router.

You can pick up a set here.

-Luke, Katelyn, & the shop dogs


Do you consider these to be an upgrade in any way from the stock brushes, or simply a very reasonably priced source of replacements?

Not an upgrade at all (in fact, they are spec’d the same as the Dewalt brushes), just a less expensive option for those needing replacements!

That’s totally legit, just wasn’t sure since you were talking about the quality of the materials.

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