Buffing/Sanding Top Surface with X-Carve

Ok so I’ve looked around and I’m not sure if what I’m wanting to do is possible but I’ll ask here to see if anyone has done something like this. I will be making something out of 0.25" HDPE and I’d prefer it to have a matte finish when it is completed. To accomplish this in the past, I’ve sanded the HDPE by hand. This is quite tedious and was wondering if I could get some sort of buffing/sanding wheel (maybe for a Dremel?) and rig it to work in the X-Carve by “engraving” the entire piece at a tested depth so it knocks the finish down a bit. Thoughts?

abrasive nylon brushes come to mind. such as NamPower. unsure if there’s a readily available option that’s suitable on the Xcarve

perhaps experiment with small nylon brush drill attachments?

otherwise i’d suggest picking up a Harbor Freight sandblaster for matte finishes

I’m not sure you’re going to end up with the finish you’re after. Since the toolpath is going to follow well-defined, well, paths, for the most part, you’re still going to end up with rows and circles along the straight lines and corners of the toolpath.