[bug] Cannot see all fonts

I am using Easel in Google Chrome, when I open the fonts tab I can tell that there are more fonts available but that I can’t scroll down the list to see or select all available fonts. Is this a bug or something I can easily fix?

Thanks guys!

Can you include a screenshot?

It may be a bug if your browser window is very short. A screenshot would help debug this.

PS I’m adding the [bug] tag to your post title. I’ll remove it when it is fixed.

Thanks for the reply Paul, as soon as I get home I’ll upload a screen.

Hey Paul, after your reply I went into my browser and hit cmd/shift/- and it zoomed my browser window out to reveal one font that I hadn’t seen earlier. So not a bug, just zoomed in to far. Sorry for any concern I may have caused. Thanks for looking into everything.

Oh, do you often zoom in / out your browser? Did you have have to zoom out from 100% in order to see them? Or are they visible at 100% and you were zoomed in farther than 100%?

At 100% I cannot see the bottom font but at 90% I can.

Hmmm if you can’t see it at 100% then I’d still call this a bug. Our designer @chrisbalin can fix this.

Hi @TravisLucia, what’s your screen resolution?

This is an easy way to check: http://www.whatismyscreenresolution.com/

Sorry for the delay. My screen resolution is 1280 x 800.