Bug related to using Easel on multiple computers

Computer #1 Ubuntu 16.04 and Firefox
Computer #2 Wind 7 and Firefox

Firefox is set to open last tabs on start.

Steps to reproduce

  1. work on project on Computer #1
  2. close Easel on Computer #1
  3. Open project on Computer #2
  4. Cut project on computer #2
  5. Close Firefox with the project open on Computer #2
  6. Open project again on Computer #1
  7. Make changes to project
  8. Close Easel on Computer #1
  9. Restart Firefox on computer #2
  10. Easel starts and uses the cached version of the project i.e. before last set of edits.
  11. Easel saves the project, and last set of edits are completely lost.

On Computer #1 to close Easel I just close the tab.
The only way to stop this from happening, is to make sure that a different project is open in Easel on Computer #2, that way when Firefox starts and it restores the tabs, it opens with a different project than the one you’re editing.

I don’t see this as an Easel problem.

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This is a Firefox issue that drove me nuts for a while for a work project of several separate Web apps. You can have app1 open in a single tab, navigate to app2 and back button back to app1.

You would normally expect app1 to load and execute as normal when stepping back but it doesn’t. Later versions of Firefox cache the app and also it’s running state. It’s annoying but I guess potentially useful.

Force refresh will reload the app though and I’ve confirmed this in Easel.

Doesn’t affect Chrome or IE

There’s a a standard way to deal with this, which is append the date and time as an argument to the URL. This will mean that the cached version is out of date. The server then tosses out this argument. Did that on my first webapp 10 yrs ago.

I believe this issue was introduced when they changed Easel to not create a blank project on open.

Try this: