Build problems

Hi, my x carve has just arrived and I attached the smooth idlers then went to attach the v wheels and they are not in the kit? … As not everything is marked (gantry etc) I was wondering are the v wheels also the smooth idlers? Nothing seems to match the instructions?

The Vwheels are designed to travel on the Maskerslide rail (they are called vwhels because the opening is wide at the edge and narrows towards the inside) and the smooth idlers are designed to guide the toothed belt. So they are very different,

Thanks, I am doing a full check now, but with some stuff named slightly different to the instructions and some stuff not even named it is a pain :confused: Thought the x carve was mean’t to be well labeled?

The kit is rather intimidating when you first open it up with all those small parts. I spent the first 2 or 3 hours just looking at each little bag trying to figure out what it was and where it was used in the instructions.

At the end of that exercise I was very frustrated. What worked best for me was to just go through the assembly step by step and find the parts needed for that step.

The instructions and the parts list don’t match? Core component list on the first list says “smooth idler kit 6” ??? and on the first set of instructions X2 (which I assume means 2 bags??? there are in fact 12 x smooth idlers … Trying to work out what is missing will be a nightmare :rage: as I can’t go further because I haven’t got any V wheels :rage:

I think the instructions are referring to what is needed for the specific assembly (like the left Y carriage) you are working on for that step. Not all the smooth idlers are need for any given assembly.

Are you sure there are no V wheels? If so send an email to and they will fix that problem quickly.

OK … I don’t mind a bit of guess work, but it shouldn’t be necessary … There are not six bags of smooth idlers there are twelve actual idlers so why does it say 6 on the components list? Either creative titling is a norm or I have a lot of stuff missing from my core components?

Hi Allen, I bought from the UK Robosavvy. I want to see what else is missing first, but the list of components have different names to what I have received, so I need to work out first what I have and haven’t got :rage: … But I certainly don’t have any V wheels …

Sounds like you have a few hours of tedious work ahead of you, good luck!

Thanks Allen, it appears even if I sort it all out it won’t be apparent till later on in the build if I coul possibly know if all was present . The check list says six idlers, so if a bag had have been missing a person wouldn’t know until required by the build … This is not funny :rage:

Maybe I am confused but there should only be 6 smooth idlers. When you see something in the instructions and it says Smooth Idlers X 2 it means that you only need 2 smooth idlers for that particular step (leaving 4 Smooth Idlers for other remaining steps later in the instructions).

I have been slowly building out my machine over the last few days and everything was perfectly labeled, a bag would say “Smooth Idlers Qty: 6” or “V Wheels Qty 20” and so on. Perhaps they are packaged differently from UK Robosavvy?

Looks like I will have to check by numbers as the titles don’t correspond 25281-05 = M5 Pre-assembly insertion nuts??? the checklist states 25281-05 T-slot nut M5 pre-assembly (insertion nut)

Like a crossword puzzle … Is it so hard to use the same words and positions for quick reference??? and should I guess t-slot wasn’t on the packet??? :rage:

Thanks for that info Richard. I have 2 packets of smooth idlers each with 6 idlers, so I have twelve??? maybe I have been given an extra smooth idler pack instead of the v wheels? I would have noticed this though if the instructions were clear (I could write clearer instructions in a few minutes … Ie use the same words and the words in the same order on the list as the packets!!! simple)

My bet would be that you might have received two bags of Smooth Idlers instead of one bag Smooth Idler and one bag V Wheels.

Thanks yes I just guessed that Richard if you note my post above :grinning: … but as I said I would have guessed immediately if the instructions were clear … the same words in the same order on the instructions part list as those on the packets???

Oh the irritation of sorting through all of those bags… I bought a Shapeoko 2 about a year ago and remember the nightmare. They wiki instructions even contradicted themselves at times haha.

My suggestion is to keep going with all of the instructions that you can. When you are missing a part or can’t find it, just keep going and finish as much as possible and move onto the next step. Not that this is the case, but I remember wondering where the heck some parts were and finding them later! Worst case scenario, by the end of it you will have a really good idea of what you’re missing.

LOL … yep. Actually I am normally good at putting stuff together, but not when stuff is missing :wink:

It just gets me mad when vendors can’t get it together to mirror the parts list with the labels … in normal situations you can get through it, but when something goes wrong, like missing parts, such has happened to me … the extra 5 minutes to write a clear parts list that matches the labels becomes important :wink:

I think I mentioned the labeling being a little wacky in my build video. Just so you stay ahead of the power curve, I’d suggest looking at a few of the X-Carve build videos that some of us woodworkers did when we received them. I did two videos, one general “build” and one “assembly tips” video that may be more useful for you.

Thanks, I actually think the build is really easy and have built what I can without the V wheels that were missing … I think it would be really helpful though if the vendors took five minutes and matched the titles on the labels with the instructions :smiley:

To be clear, as I have stated in another thread the instructions are very good, just the labeling is atrocious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And as I’ve said, thats a five minute job to put right … :smile:

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