Build shutters

trying to figure out how to build in easel. looking to build shutters 12 in x 60in how would i add this profile


Well a raised panel is done usually with a panel raising bit on a shaper or router table or a table saw with a tilted blade. You can buy a cove bit to do something similar. The bits are kind of large though and probably more easily found in a half in shank.

On the cnc I’d do a 3d model of that and use a combination of straight and round nose bits. Easel can only do gradients from what I see. After the 3d model is made you’d convert that to gcode and then load the gcode into Easel to use on your X carve. To do this I drew a cross section of the molding and then extruded it to a length. I cut the ends at roughly a 45 degree angle. Then I mirrored it and copied one of them for the top. I positioned the top to the sides and then mirrored the top to make the bottom. That left the raised panel in the center. I made a square and then turned that square into a square surface. Learning 3d cad opens up a whole new way to use your x carve or other cnc machine.

You could probably make a series of concentric rectangles as a toolpath to make the frame and rails. I think the only way you are going to get the raised panel part in easel is by using the gradient app, which I have no experience using myself.


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thanks im sure ill be asking more about this project

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This is a pic of what profile I need if anyone can help i tried the super gradient generator. The other pic had too much detail on it so in took a pic of shutter on the house to get detail. thanks again Michael

I don’t love the results personally. But you can get this using super gradient tool… leaving all as default, increase the center so that it has a larger 0 depth part in the middle… increasing the steps a ton like to 80 steps… (it’ll get slow after increasing this)

I’m afk right now, but ill try to remember to do a sample when I get home if Martin or someone else doesn’t by then :laughing:


is that one panel or two panels vertical? your machine is an xc

As I said before I’m not a gradient user. From the looks of the picture you just posted, I’d say a combination of this bit and a straight bit to form a tongue would get you the panel. This means you’d have to make rails with a groove in them and assemble them, which is probably faster than trying to do everything on an x carve. The tip of the v bit would have to travel on your line. The straight bit would have to be offset to cut off half the v that needs to become the tongue. You could set up rail wood on edge on your X carve and run grooves down the center of them to create the channel to accept the panel.

45758 Carbide Tipped V-Groove 130 Deg x 1-1/4 Dia x 9/32 x 1/4 Inch Shank (

You wouldn’t have this sophisticated bit, but the assembly would be similar.

Shaker Raised Panel Doors: How-To Instructions - (

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this will take a while on a CNC ? but it can be done

[raise panel.bmp|attachment](upload://tzUrfQaKraise panel.bmp (2.1 MB)

thanks all
ken, that is what im trying to do im going out of town for a week. when i get back im going to get exact measurements to see how long it will take to do with cnc xcarve. i build them before and insert panel in frame they rot out after 5 years i think a solid board will last longer with a quality prime and paint if i can get to work. again thanks to all. talk soon

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